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Are you Ready to get your products online? Already online but don't have access to a photographer? Need to step up or maintain the products on your website?

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Making your products shine

Capturing your product in the best possible light is incredibly importance to us. Whether that be soft or hard, natural or artificial, shadows or no shadows, we know how to do it all. Not really sure what you need? We’ll use our 9 years of professional experience to offer collaborative suggestions and work closely with you to create images that give your shoppers confidence in your business.


Our availability is extremely limited this year due to high demand and we're unable to accept all clients.

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Owning our own professional strobe lights, white seamless background, and a large variety of textured backdrops gives us the freedom to photograph your products from our home without sacrificing any quality. We guarantee the same quality images you'd get in a studio without the hefty rental fees.

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Orange County Product Photographer

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How's it all work?

Say hi using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to add as many details as possible so we can give you the quickest and most concise answers. Right after you send the contact form you should receive a questionnaire to give us some more details. Send that back and we'll respond within 48 hours!

Step 01

Schedule a meeting

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After we look through your information, we'll probably need to go over all the logistics for your shoot over a phone call. This will make sure we're on the same page so you get the exact look you're going for and have all your questions answered. Try to have some brands in mind that inspire you or a mood board we can go over during our meeting.

Step 02

Shooting begins

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After we talk, we'll settle on a date for you to drop off or have your products arrive to us. We live in Irvine so we can meet you locally in Orange County or you can ship them directly to us. We'll send you a few images to make sure we're on the right track and then once we're finished shooting we'll begin editing your photos for delivery!

Step 03


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Booking Fee: $500

Shot fee: $35

Since every company's needs are different, it wouldn't be fair to charge a flat or hourly fee. This is why the industry standard is to charge per image. We love working with startups and small businesses so we've kept our image fee as low as possible. Once you decide how many images you need, multiply that by $35 and add $500 to get your final price. You'll be able to download the agreed upon number of images and purchase any additional images we take through your online gallery.

It takes a lot to create the images you see here on our website. Simply placing your product on a background and using a nice camera won't result in stunning, clean, eye catching photos. Our booking fee goes towards the entire planning process from researching similar brands, organizing your shot list, and most importantly, styling and putting together each shot.

$500 + $35/image

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Investing in high quality images can be one of the biggest game changers for your business. Elevating your photos has been proven time and time again to increase your customer's trust in your brand and dramatically expedite their decision to buy.


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How will I know if you're taking the right photos?

What's your turn around time?

Can we be there for the photo shoot?

Depending on the number of products you need photographed, we should finish shooting within 5 days. We deliver images within 2-3 weeks of our first shoot date. If you need the images sooner, we offer an editing rush fee of $300.

We shoot exclusively in our home so we're not allowing anyone to be present at shoots. This has worked out really well for us and allows us to take our time often working late into the night if needed rather than being on a pressured time crunch in a studio.

You will build a shot list prior to shooting. This will be solidified over our phone call so all we have to do is go down the list. We will send you sample images along the way to make sure we're on the right track, but we will be mostly going off your shot list, your products, and the mood boards we built together.



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Do you offer lifestyles?

What do we receive?

We're currently only offering studio product photos without models. If a shot or two needs a person in it, we might be able to step in ourselves but we're not able to accomodate photos primarily featuring people at this time.

You will receive full resolution and web size jpg files via an online gallery. You may use the images for any promotion as long as you do not claim to have taken them yourselves or use the images for illegal purposes.


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