Adoption story
Adoption story

Our Journey to Adoption


Part 2

Adopting is not simple

and it shouldn’t be. There's good reasons why the process is so long, complicated, and methodical, but we’ve learned A LOT. The most common forms of adoption are international, domestic infant, and foster-to-adopt. We’ve decided to move forward with domestic infant adoption. The majority of domestic infant adoptions are now open adoptions. This means the adoptive parents know and are in contact with the biological family, the child will grow up knowing they are adopted, who their biological mom or parents are, and will have the ability to talk to them, ask questions and even form a relationship if desired.

A mom could decide to make an adoption plan 12 weeks into her pregnancy or while she’s giving birth at the hospital.

After 2 months of research, contacting 10 adoption agencies and having 5 consultations we still felt like we had more questions than answers. With so much uncertainty, we decided it would be best to hire a consultant to help. In December, we signed with Christian Adoption Consultants and were assigned a personal consultant to walk us through the adoption process step by step. Our consultant sent us a list of home study providers in our area they recommended. A home study is a certification that qualifies us as a safe family to bring an adoptive baby into our home. We chose The Family Network and signed with them as our home study provider in January. Since then, we’ve completed hours upon hours of paperwork, we’ve been assigned an amazing social worker who we’ll have multiple meetings with, and scheduled a variety of other appointments needed to complete the home study. The home study process is thorough. The process asks every detail about our lives, our family history, our friends, our lifestyle, our future plans and past experiences. This involves a lot of writing about ourselves, our past and planning our future. Our hope is to be home study approved by the end of February or early March 2022. 



1.3 million

1-2 million

of the US population is adopted

Of unwanted PREGNANCIES result in adoptions

Abortions per year

Couples are waiting to adopt a baby

Once we’re home study approved we will then begin applying to adoption agencies. Our consultant will help us navigate applying to 3-6 agencies which will hopefully expedite our waiting period to be matched with an expecting mother. To give you an idea, the average family waits about 2 years to be matched with an expecting mother so we’re praying that by applying to multiple agencies, this will be shorter, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s that everything happens in God’s timing. It could be 2 years or it could be 2 weeks, it’s totally out of our hands. A mom could decide to make an adoption plan 12 weeks into her pregnancy or while she’s giving birth at the hospital. We could walk through an entire 8-9 months of maternity with a mom or be notified to jump on a plane the next day because we were chosen and need to go pickup our baby. In most cases, we’ll be the ones taking baby home from the hospital after delivery just a day or two old. 

Simultaneously, we're also working on creating our profile book. This is the book that will be shown to expecting mothers who are thinking of creating an adoption plan. Thankfully, our adoption consultants provide lots of support for us to create a book that truly explains who we are in a way that showcases what expecting mothers care to know about.

Right now, this process looks like a lot of prayer and looking to God to give us patience and hope. We’re reading God’s word to give us wisdom and discernment with the mountains of decisions we have to make, and prepare us to accept a baby into our lives. Please pray for us to have patience through all this, but also that we would walk through this process with humility, grace, and love for everyone involved in the adoption triad ( birth mother, baby, and ourselves.)  We’re obviously really excited about what our future could look like, but we’re praying we do this ethically and gracefully. Thank you for reading!

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