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Wedding photos and testimonial

Where do I even start? Maybe by saying that Dan and Tyler were hands-down the best part of our wedding. I found Dan and Tyler through lots of research on Instagram and Google! I knew what style photos I wanted and I knew I wanted to hire a Christian couple to capture our wedding. When I stumbled across their profile, I was blown away! Their photos are beautiful and timeless and their editing is flawless and classic. Little did I know at that point what a remarkable team they truly are. We had an initial consultation with Dan and Tyler and they immediately struck us as passionate about what they do, full of grace and ready to pour out their love. They both have hearts of gold. It was no question that we wanted to hire them to be a part of our most special day! We first had our engagement shoot with them in December 2020, and they blew us away! I loved that they are a married couple and were able to show us what the poses were supposed to look like. They made the shoot enjoyable and not awkward in the slightest. They were professional, efficient and kind. Not to mention, our photos were the most beautiful I had ever seen! Leading up to the wedding, they were reassuring and responsive. I felt confident knowing that our special memories would be in their hands to capture. But, their teamwork and professionalism really shined on the day of the wedding. They helped not only us (bridal party, family and friends) but all of the vendors stay on the timeline! When my ceremony went significantly over the time we had planned for, Dan and Tyler quickly pivoted and were able to capture all of our requested photos without letting on that we were crunched on time. One of the best things about hiring this team is the opportunity to have two photographers. The photos are pristine and flawless because Tyler fluffs the dresses, fixes the hair and gets everyone in place while Dan snaps the photo and captures the emotion while everyone looks perfect. Tyler has such incredible attention to detail and it shows in her work ethic AND in the photos. When you hire one photographer, sometimes they don't catch all of the small details with quite as keen of an eye. During the reception, Dan and Tyler were everywhere I looked. They were catching all of the special moments of the night! Because they were always nearby, I found myself asking them random questions that should have been meant for my coordinator (i.e. is the bar open? why is this taking so long? etc). And they made it known that they were there and willing to serve in whatever way that looked like. Just such remarkable people. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have Dan and Tyler as part of our wedding. I could go on and on, but I will instead simply say- make the investment in Dan and Tyler. You can trust them with your most precious memories and they will capture all the love and emotion of the day. It was the best decision we made and we will continue to hire Dan and Tyler for all of our photography needs forever.

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