Let’s be honest, if you’re actually reading this right now, then that means you care about what you’re investing in. If so, you’re precisely the kind of person we want to work with.

When we want to make an informed decision about a purchase, we look up all the reviews, good and bad, read the FAQ’s, and compare the competition. Why should you do any different when deciding on a photographer? Choosing your photographer is such an important decision because the photographs you hang on your walls and set on your coffee table will dictate how you see yourselves and your family. That’s why we believe in focusing on the good, the beautiful, the smiles, tickles, laughs, and soft quiet moments.

We build lasting relationships with our clients because they trust us, love our work, and feel comfortable around us. Our family clients call us back year after year, like old friends, and our wedding couples contact us each time a new little member joins their family. We believe our clients keep coming back because we treat them not like random clients, but souls. We want you to feel like we’re your friends because we really want to be! So send us an email, and we’ll do everything we can to capture what truly makes your family beautiful and special.

Our Style


How We Shoot



As a husband and wife team, we know what to do, when to do it, who's going to do it, and how it should be done with minimal effort. We work in unison, supporting, trusting, and encouraging the other every step of the way. There's no guessing when it comes to a wedding day with us, we've created you a timeline, we KNOW the timeline, we'll keep you on track and get everything shot on time. With there being two of us, we're able to remain detail-oriented without missing a beat. For family photos, Dan works the camera, confirms the best location in terms of light, background, and accessibility. Meanwhile, Tyler organizes and poses the family, fixes stray hairs, straightens necklaces and ties, and makes sure the ladies' dresses and the bride's veil are laying correctly. With our family shot list in hand, we work FAST and diligently to get you to your reception where you can party and dance the night away. During the newlywed photo time, we have so much fun! Being married, we're able to literally show you how to pose, so all you have to do is copy us! Tyler will fix the details, and Dan will compose the image. Once we're set, we'll ask you to move within that pose with directions like, "look at each other, go forehead to forehead, now kiss!" With these simple instructions, we're capturing a minimum of 4 different shots all within one pose! It's because of this efficiency that we can give you hundreds of photos within a short time.


Posing has become sort of a bad word in the photography industry recently. When most people think of posing, they think of stiff, awkward, school photos with our hands folded neatly under our chin. That's why we prefer the word 'directing'! We direct you into a series of natural actions and positions which have proven to flatter, slim, and engage you with the camera and your loved ones.


For some people, knowing what to do in front of the camera can be one of the most daunting parts of having their photos taken, however, understand that we spend a great deal of time coordinating organic sequences of poses. If you're a natural and fall into positions on your own, then great! But we work really hard to come up with great direction that feel comfortable for you. We want you to feel relaxed throughout the shoot so don't worry about what to do with your hands, we've got you covered!


Kids can be crazy and uncontrollable, we get it. If you know your munchkins are probably not going to stand there and smile, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We will try our best to get the classic, full family smiling at the camera shots, but we will also get some lifestyle shots. By lifestyle, we mean we will give your kids something fun for them to do, that we know usually photographs well, and photograph them having fun. By giving them something to do, like looking at mom, jumping off (small) rocks, or tickling their brother, they have fun and you get great, candid shots.


We would describe our style as natural and bright; to create this look we plan our sessions around times when the sun gives us the best light. We generally don't bring any lights along with us, however you will most likely run into our pal Phill. He's a 5 foot reflector who unfolds to make you look absolutely spectacular! (Phill is a giant reflector. We call him Phill because he fills in your shadows; get it? I know it's so lame.)


Our sessions are easy-going yet concise. Our experience has taught us how to capture your true self through directing you into natural & effortless poses. Every session is different. Even if it's at the same location and at the same time of day we often shoot at, we aim to bring out unique qualities in each individual.


Camera gear isn't everything, but it definitely helps! We shoot on the Nikon Z6 with a variety of prime and zoom lenses: 24-70 2.8, 35mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, and the 70-200 2.8.


Our editing process is just as important and thought out as your session. We meticulously edit each photo, re-touch blemishes and individually adjust every color. This means your photos will be dialed in to showcase your specific skin tone, the colors you were wearing that day, as well as creating an aesthetic that is contemporary and timeless. We have a distinct editing style, however, we realize everyone is different and we don't believe one filter works for all our clients.


We have a somewhat unique perspective on cropping. Sometimes, to truly capture the essence of a photograph, we will crop into our subject's heads and bodies. This gives the overall "feel" of the photo a much more intimate and candid look. The goal is always to make the photo appear the way you felt in that moment, so the closer we can crop, the more we can hone into your true emotions and feelings. Cropping is just one more way we are able to refine the photos to be as realistic and polished as possible. So if you see your head cropped, don't worry, it was intentional, and we think you'll truly love the end result.


Generally, we retouch any major blemishes or spots you would like removed as well as overtly distracting stray hairs automatically. If there is more retouching you would like us to do, just let us know and we'll take care of it. We do not offer body alterations.


We use the most up to date industry standard editing software to carefully process your photographs: Lightroom and Photoshop CC.


We are constantly refining our editing style to ensure we maintain, what we believe, is the perfect balance between timeless and contemporary.

Erin – Family Session

I wholeheartedly recommend Dan and Tyler Rose. My first experience was them photographing my 7 and 3 year old children. Dan and Tyler Rose created a warm and comfortable environment for my children to feel relaxed and themselves. When I received the pictures I was amazed how they captured their personalities and sweet moments together. The pictures turned out beautiful - all of them showcased Dan and Tyler Rose's experience with photography by their wonderful lighting and composition. I am genuinely excited for our next family session!


Kyle & Geena – Engagemet & Wedding

I don't have enough good things to say about this dynamic duo...they were so much fun to work with on our engagement shoot and our wedding day. They made everything so easy and they were so much more than just photographers. They are so professional, yet make us so comfortable like we are just spending the afternoon hanging out with some close friends. My husband and I truly appreciate everything that they did for us on our wedding day, from helping us stay calm and not stress about time, to just making sure that our day is everything we wanted it to be. All of our pictures took about 7 weeks, and we got about 1000 beautifully edited pictures. They even sent us a few teasers throughout the weeks to let us know they were working on them. All of our friends and family cannot stop talking about how much they loved our engagement and wedding pictures and how well they fit our style.

Dan and Tyler work so well together and they each compliment each other incredibly. Dan finds the perfect location and light while Tyler make sure that every hair is in place and picks the perfect poses. They work wonderfully with props and do a great job of accenting little details. We love Dan and Tyler and will hopefully work with them again in the future!

Liz – Portrait Session

Dan and Tyler are the perfect duo! I can't emphasize enough how much I admire them as people as well as all of their hard work. They shot Senior Session and Graduation pictures for me and they came out absolutely spectacular. Both of them have a true talent behind the camera. Dan and Tyler truly compliment each other and feed off of each other's ideas. They both have the perfect eye in terms of dealing with the direction of the sun, wind, lighting, etc. Tyler and Dan's positive, energetic, and creative personalities truly make the session enjoyable, and most importantly, result in the BEST photos. Their amazing production of photos is a direct reflection of their teamwork and beauty behind the camera. They truly enjoy their job and care about the comfortability of their clients. There is no one in this world I'd rather have my photos taken by!!!


Chris & Jessica – Engagement & Wedding

Dan and Tyler did our engagement photos as well as our wedding on 6/25/17. These two know how to work together! They are very attentive to your requests - they even set up a portal for you so you can easily communicate with them. They make sure to ask if there are any specific photos you would like to request be taken the day of, then they actually make sure those (as well as many, many others) get taken! These two want to make sure you have the best pictures possible and will do everything in their power to deliver (they even assisted in keeping us to our wedding timeline so everything stayed on schedule, which, trust me, we needed haha). If you're looking for a couple of great photographers, look no further! I would absolutely recommend Dan and Tyler Photography and will use them again for any future needs!

Chelsea – Family Session

Dan and Tyler are so amazing!!! Apart from just being ridiculously friendly, they made us feel completely at ease! We had a couple pictures posed and the rest they just watched and captured our family's natural rhythm. They were patient with our crazy antics and our toddler. The pictures that were in our gallery were a million times what we ever dreamed. LOVE THEM and hope that we can use them again in the future! THANK YOU!!!!


Melissa &Jonathan – Engagement & Wedding

Dan and Tyler are the best photographers! We got a great deal on a package that included our engagement photos (which are amazing)! They work very well together and have a great attention to detail. We received our wedding photos in 7 weeks and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am in love with the quality of each photo! I feel like I'm back at the wedding when I look through them. I highly recommend Dan and Tyler Photography! Definitely the best money we spent for our wedding!

Kellie – Family Session

Getting pictures of a family with 3 young kids is not an easy task but Dan and Tyler did it with ease. They worked together nicely to capture my family and our unique personalities. Then the pictures came and they were incredible! They captured my 3 year old smiling! I was impressed! My husband and I loved looking at all of the pictures they took that day. We received about 150 edited great pictures - that's a great return for an hour with 3 crazy young kids! We had a hard time choosing which ones to print for our collage wall. Dan and Tyler were also great to work with when we selected photos, giving advice on sizes and combinations.

I highly recommend them and know that we will work with them again!

Michelle – Maternity

Dan and Tyler were such a pleasure to work with for our maternity shoot! They were professional, worked great as a team to get all the perfect shots, and made our time together really fun! They were also great at retouching the photos, and their communication was excellent! We would highly recommend them and would love to have them shoot us again! Thank you so much Dan & Tyler!


Lillie - Family Session

This young couple truly has it together! I had been looking for a new photographer to do family pictures for a few years, but kept putting it off. (The process is always just too stressful.) I finally booked Dan & Tyler after two different recommendations from two different friends and I am so happy I did! Dan & Tyler are very sweet and very calm. They made the whole session easy and fun. From the beginning, they were very responsive to my numerous emails with a multitude of questions. They helped me coordinate clothing colors, location and they were very flexible with timing since our schedule is so full with sports and school. Upon meeting them at the agreed location, they were prompt and prepared and very professional. Tyler was great with all of my picky requests and had a great eye for fixing hair out of place, clothing adjustments, body positioning, etc... They would take posed pictures, but Dan would then flash the cutest ones of my kids just playing around as well. My photos were ready within two weeks, with photo retouches that I also requested and they had no problem making! The pictures are beautiful and they captured my kids so perfectly! I highly recommend this amazing young couple. You will be very happy.


Who We've Worked For

Although we’re steering away from commercial work, we’re still incredibly proud to have worked, collaborated, and partnered with all of these world changing brands. We can honestly say that these brands are changing the direction of consumerism and shifting the way people think about how we spend our money. We encourage you to check them all out and be apart of change!