Ahh the photo booth you’ve been waiting for. Holden is a clean, simple booth that lets you print, email and text photos directly from the built in touchscreen. With Holden, you can choose from one of our three contemporary screen themes and pick out one of our many customizable logos for your event. Your logo will show on the interface and print on all of your photostrips!


The Booth

What we include

Not Included

Open Air Photo Booth

This means all the fun happens out in the open so you can squeeze in as many people as you can within 8 feet! Traditional booths are dark and squishy, say hello to the open air!

White Backdrop

We use an 8 foot white backdrop because of the beauty and simplicity you can only achieve with white.

Touchscreen Technology

You can walk right up and get started! The large touchscreen lets users see themselves before and after taking each photo. This is something we absolutely love because it lets guests see exactly who is in the frame and who is getting cut off.

Pro Equipment

We use a top of the line 18mp Canon DSLR camera inside Holden and never a cheap webcam like some other companies. This ensures fast and reliable capture of high quality, beautiful photographs. We paid attention to the computer, cables, camera, and all the internals so you get a great experience.

Studio Quality Lighting

We've been trained in lighting. The light is the most important part of any photo including photo booth images. We don't just turn on the light and call it a day, we fine tune it at just the right angle and distance so every shot looks like a beautifully lit professional studio shot.


Whether it be us or one of our attendants, you're guaranteed a fun, and respectful professional to walk each guest through the booth, printing photos, and will even direct guests into taking fun, engaging and sweet images.

Contemporary Sharing Options

Text or email the photos to yourselves or a loved one. If we have wifi at your event the photos will be sent immediately. If not, your texts and emails will be sent at the end of the night. Text and email shares are always unlimited.

Get Social

Easily share your photos on facebook or twitter directly from your booth! Just let us know if you want this turned on and it's as easy as flipping a switch.


Guests can choose from a black and white, color, or retro filter to overlay their photostrips.

Set up & Tear down

We set up and tear down before and after your allotted time so the time you buy is the time you get.

Tons of Props

We've got loads of fun, contemporary, and clean party props that are guaranteed to get your guests involved and having a great time.

Online Gallery

The individual photos and photostrips will be uploaded to an online gallery or added to your existing wedding gallery. Want to share the gallery with your guests? Easy! We'll include a link to your gallery in the texts, emails, and on the photostrips.

Print Customization

We put your name and date branded on all of your text, email, or printed photo strips. Pick a logo from one of our many customizable, trendy logo options!


This one goes without saying, but we'll need one power outlet to plug into. Don't have power? We recommend renting a generator!


Unless there's absolutely no rain in the forecast, we'll either need to be placed indoors, under an awning, or some sort of shelter. Our cameras are waterproof, but Holden will die immediately if splashed.


We'll need a 6 to 8 foot table to lay out all your props and for guests to lay their belongings on.